The Anesthesia Awareness Campaign Needs You

The Anesthesia Awareness Campaign needs your understanding, pro-active involvement, patience, and help through April at least. The Anesthesia Awareness Campaign does not place a strong emphasis on donations and precious few dollars are received. You should know that donations are tax deductible as we are a non-profit organization.In the next days and weeks we do need some funds for the following purposes:

  • airfare for a travel companion to Munich (I can no longer travel alone with my increasing vision problems -- I am legally blind)
  • funding for housing before and after the conference in Munich v funding for the social events in Munich for my travel companion (all of my expenses are covered since I am an invited speaker)
  • miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses associated with travel - meals, tips, taxis, international phone etc.

Your donations, large or small will help this Campaign to continue to be a presence at this important ongoing international meeting on anesthesia awareness (see

Thank you.

As many of you know, I had a positive general anesthesia surgery on January 21. I will have a radical hysterectomy on February 19 -- and still fully intend to leave for Germany on March 11. Therefore, in the next couple of months, please continue to let me know of your Campaign-related needs; but understand that it will take longer to respond; phone calls and e-mails will need to be as short as possible; my interactions with victim/friends must be limited to awareness issues at this time (no non-awareness-related issues, please); that I will not be able to make the "maintenance" calls I usually do; and I simply get too much important e-mail to accept any "general mailing list forwards of humor, inspiration, profundities, or "chain mails."

The media will continue to be a priority of my energy, because the media can get more information to more people than any other means, so if you are with media, don't hesitate to call.