Prayers for Victims


This Page Is One of Personal Faith.  It Comes from the Personal Faith in God that Keeps Me Going.

I certainly believe in religious freedom.  I understand that not everyone believes in any higher power, and the rest come from a wide variety of faith foundations.  It is as much my right to express my faith in God as it is yours to choose to skip this page. Take these prayers for whatever they are worth to you.  As for me, they are an offering to God.

Personally, my faith got me through my surgery, and has upheld me every day since.  I have nothing to fear;  for like many victims, I believe I  have already been to Hell and have come back. 

Carol Weihrer 

God of the traumatized, grant Your empathetic, all-understanding comfort to Your beloved and innocent children all over the world who have suffered the unspeakable terror of anesthesia awareness. Hold with gentle firmness the hands, hearts, and souls of those who cannot see Your light right now; those who cannot express what happened to them or how traumatic their experience was and is.Cause your Holy Spirit to reassure them that You understand what happened, and that You were there with them in the operating room the whole time. Grant them understanding that they may not now or ever know why they were so devastatingly mistreated; but that You do, and that all will be revealed in Your time. Let them realize that You may have some plan for them, some positive change that may result from their terror. 


 Most gracious Redeemer of patient advocates who push too hard, who may become insensitive to the personal needs of those they are truly trying to help, convict us strongly enough so that we will never again trample another’s feelings or desires, foolishly believing that we know what is best. Show Your unending forgiveness to us so strongly that we will continue in whatever patient advocacy endeavors we do in Your name. Prevent us from allowing our anger and hurt to show when dealing with those who resist positive change. Only with your help will we be able to make the professionals think they came up with the good ideas. Teach us that it does not matter who "gets credit," but rather that patient safety is enhanced and more trauma is averted. We pray your all-knowing help for us to know Your divine and loving will and way. And most importantly, Dear Lord, let us do all we do in Your Holy Name.


Understander of those victims who experience terrifyingly real flashbacks at the most unexpected times, of those who waken with cuts, bruises, and scratches they did not go to sleep with, and who more often than not don’t sleep at all, grant us Your peace. When the intrusive memories flood us, let Your light fade their sway. Give us grace to turn our thoughts from our own experience to look full upon Your gracious face. Hold us tightly in Your embrace, and allow us to realize we can now move enough to return Your love and speak to You.Somehow, through Your transforming Holy Spirit, let this period of out-of-control emotions become a time to focus on You instead of not-yet-healed traumatic recall. Allow the placing of our eyes on You to become a part of the flashback experiences that we all endure.And when a sense of calm finally returns, let us remember to give You the praise and glory, honor and thanks.



Yet now I am living with work to be done for I am God's workmanship too, Created in Christ with race to be run, which God has ordained me to do.

--Montgomery Boice (2000)

Abide with me: fast falls the eventide. The darkness deepens, Lord, with me abide. When 0thers fail and comforts flee, Help of the helpless, O, abide with me.

– Henry Francis Lyte

Most loving God, be with your children while they are in surgery that all may go well, and that there be no memory of the happenings during anesthesia.  If there are incidents of awareness, wrap the victims in Your loving arms.  Guide them to help and minimize the traumatic effects of the experience.  Apply Your grace, O Lord, to the minds and hands of the medical personnel, that all possible means available be used for the patient's comfort and safety.  Help those who support the patient to pray and to love You with all their hearts.  Help them to live God-centered lives.  We thank you for the privilege of prayer, for being recipients of Your grace, and for life everlasting. 


Anna Lea Weihrer
Mother of the Anestheisia Awareness Campaign's President