Proudly Entering Our Second Decade of
Bringing Awareness to Awareness

    Anesthesia Awareness Campaign

"The mission of the Anesthesia Awareness Campaign is "to prevent patients (even one) from experiencing anesthesia awareness and its consequences through education, prevention, and empowerment by replacing
ignorance or fear with knowledge."

Anesthesia awareness is the phenomenon of being mentally alert (and terrified) while supposedly under full general anesthesia. The patient is paralyzed, unable to speak, and totally helpless to communicate his/her awareness. Since 1998, the Anesthesia Awareness Campaign has been educating and advocating for the prevention of anesthesia awareness and supporting victims.

The Anesthesia Awareness Campaign is the the response of one anesthesia awareness victim. We are a non-profit patient advocacy organization almost exclusively maintained on a day-to-day basis by our President and Founder, Carol Weihrer.

For more information on anesthesia awareness or advice and support, please contact us.

Upcoming Appearances and Announcements:

April 28, 2010 -- Carol Weihrer will appear on the Dr. Oz Show to discuss anesthesia awareness.  Check your local listing here.

January 18, 2010 -- Revised brochure on Anesthesia Awareness!
Anesthesia Awareness Campaign is one of the co-signatories. A lot of positive collaboration went into this document. Please read it thoroughly and send it to friends and doctors!.
Read the brochure here.

January 24, 2010-- My 12th anniversary reflections. One stunning insight: I realized while in church Sunday that the reason I've been wandering lately is that I never really expected to be alive this long! I guess I have more work to do. Read my reflections here.

 If you are an attorney seeking more information on representing victims of anesthesia awareness, click here.

Make your community "aware of awareness" by purchasing an Anesthesia Awareness Campaign re-usuable, cloth shopping bag.  Click here for more information.
If You Have Experienced Anesthesia Awareness

Please visit: or call Robin at 206-616-2669. This is a joint effort between the Anesthesia Awareness Campaign and the American Society of Anesthesiologists. We need your input and experience to better understand awareness. New! Form can now be completed online!

Visit the support website for individuals who have experienced anesthesia awareness:

Something to consider:

A Patient is Also a Consumer: Take your business to the facility that demonstrates the use of the best technology. Remember, the saying goes, "The Customer is Always Right"!